The workshop LIMOGES DIFFUSION  is one of the most renowned in the Handpainted Limoges Porcelain Boxes world. It was created by an Artist, graduate of one of the most prestigious French Fine Porcelain schools, in 1956.

Now, the best Artists and Craftsmen  works for your best satisfaction, using traditional methods and tools for obtaining the finest quality ; the main techniques used are :

Sculpture and modeling:
for creating original shapes.

Moulding and glazing:
for production.

Hand painting:
Every artist knows all about the traditional methods and is able to paint any finest design (flowers garlands, landscapes -sceneries-, gold and silver (platinum) inlay, edgings, monochrome (“camaïeu”) and so on…).

This includes the shaping of metal (the setting and its clasp) on each box whatever the shape is. A meticulous work which complements the decor as, for example, it can change a simple square shape into a chair with an original and fine back.